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Vote, Christian- Very Strong Biblical Wake Up Call From US Pastor-Video

Watch video… God is the Author of Government! Biblical and Historical FACTS that we need to know…Important for our Country for us all to VOTE…  

The Christian in this World – Part 1 from Real Life on Vimeo.


Wake Up, World: Another Holocaust Has Begun-Video


(CBN News) Christians in the Middle East are facing the harshest persecution in history.

More than 100,000 from Syria and Iraq are refugees who fleed the terrorist ISIS army, while survivors tell horrifying stories of beheading, rape, and forced conversion.

As the Western world fails to take action against ISIS, many feel abandoned and alone. But the Iraqi Christian Relief Council is helping call the church to action through a short film it’s making available on their

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Draft Condi: In poll, only Rice beats Hillary Clinton


(Washington Examiner) In what would be a first-ever race pitting former secretaries of state, only Condoleezza Rice would beat Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa, according to a new poll that could put fire under a languishing “Draft Condi” movement.

A new Townhall/Gravis Marketing poll found that Rice would beat Clinton in the state as every other Republican loses to the first Democrat to officially announce her candidacy.

In the poll, Rice would beat Clinton 43 percent to 40 percent, taking

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Video-Rev Jamal Bryant Praises Baltimore's ‘Mom of the Year’ Toya Graham








The pastor for Baltimore’s viral “Mom of the Year” is singing her praises for the famous video showing her smacking her teen son for rioting. 

“I wish all of the parents of Baltimore would take on her spirit and go pull your children out of the streets,” the proud Pastor Jamal Bryant told Inside Edition Wednesday night about Toya Graham, America’s favorite parent for the day

He said Graham ought to be

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House passes budget in win for GOP


( Republican leaders have pointed to the budget framework, which balances in a decade by cutting more than $5 trillion from spending, as yet more proof that an all-GOP Congress is governing effectively. The Senate is expected to pass the combined budget next week. “We are set to adopt the first balanced budget of this kind in over a decade,” House Budget Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) said Thursday. “The American people can’t live on borrowed money. The federal government ought

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Video: Germanwings Black box found in Alps

Source: Fox News Business

Recovered: ‘black box’ after Germanwings jet crashes in French Alps with 150 aboard


(Fox News) Search teams found a “black box” from the plane that crashed early Tuesday in a remote section of the French Alps, providing the first possible clue as to what caused the Dusseldorf-bound aircraft to suddenly lose altitude and crash, likely killing all 150 people aboard.

The French Interior Ministry Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed searchers had recovered the flight data recorder in a debris field where “everything is pulverized,” according to one local official.

Alpes-de-Haute-Provence lawmaker Gilbert Sauvan said the

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