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PrayFor US Rights:PrayFor US Rights: Black Leaders Oppose More Gun Control - VIDEO

(CBN News) – WASHINGTON – In the face of recent deadly gun violence, Washington and many states have been debating how much more gun control is needed. But some people are saying what’s needed is maybe less gun control.

African Americans are victims of gun violence more than any other group in America. But at the National Press Club in Washington Friday, a number of black community leaders and pastors said more gun control could actually be a bigger threat to the black community than guns.

They say what’s needed are more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

One of the speakers was Niger Innis, with the Congress of Racial Equality. Two of his brothers were shot to death.

“They were murdered by criminals who didn’t pay attention to gun laws,” Innis said. “And they were murdered in communities, the south Bronx and Harlem, that had the strictest gun control laws.”

Innis said probably the only thing that could have saved his brothers would have been good citizens with guns.

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Pray For US: High Ranking Democrat: Obama Partially to Blame for Sequester - Video

(CBN News) – There are now just eight days remaining until the self-imposed federal budget sequester becomes reality.

Still, Wednesday was the first time President Obama called congressional leaders to talk about the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. He has repeatedly blasted Congress and said it never should have gotten to this point.

But a high-ranking Democrat said the White House is partially to blame.

“The president is part of the sequester,” Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., said. “I mean, the White House recommended it, frankly, back in August 2011, and so now we’re feeling the effects of it.”

How hard will the automatic spending cuts affect the military? Phillip Lohaus, with the American Enterprise Institute, explains more, on CBN Newswatch, Feb. 22.

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PrayForUSLiberty:Second Amendment an 'Insurance Policy' for Liberty?

(CBN News) – WASHINGTON — As the fight over guns, safety, and constitutional rights rages across America, talk of landmark changes has filled Washington and state legislatures from coast to coast.

Emotion fuels debate, and politically the issue can be a minefield. To fully understand the debate, you have to go back to the beginning.

More than 220 years ago, the states ratified the Second Amendment, giving a birthright to all Americans “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Read more: “PrayForUSLiberty:Second Amendment an ‘Insurance Policy’ for Liberty?VIDEO” »

Fired for not Taking A Gov. Flu Shot:Women, Vaccines & Bodily Integrity- VIDEO-PrayFor Our Right of Choice

By Barbara Loe Fisher

2013 was only a few days old  when I saw a photo of 61-year old Ethel Hoover, a veteran hospital nurse, who had only missed 4  or 5 days of work in 22 years, she was fired from her job for declining to get  a flu shot.

Defending Freedom of Conscience

On her last day of work, she wore  black. In the photo, she was standing straight, looking directly into the  camera, unafraid, signaling strong ownership of the principled choice she made  in defense of autonomy,  freedom of conscience and protection of bodily integrity.

“This is my body,” she said.  “I have a right to refuse the flu vaccine.

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