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PrayFor US Citizen Representation: Obama Unveils Climate Change Policies, Skips Congress-Video

(CBN News) – WASHINGTON – President Obama unveiled unprecedented federal policies to address climate change Tuesday – policies critics fear will be nails in the coffin for some jobs.



There’s no question extreme weather is plaguing the country yet again this year. But while there’s disagreement among scientists about what’s causing it, Obama said he has no patience for those who deny human activity is affecting the climate.

He said the United States has a “moral obligation” to address it.

“As a president, as a father, and as an American I am here to say – we need to act,” he said Tuesday, during a speech announcing his proposals.

What impact will the new regulations have on your energy costs? Nick Loris, with the Heritage Foundation, explains more, on CBN Newswatch, June 25.

He’s directing his administration to launch the first-ever federal regulations on heat-trapping gases.The effort aims to “put an end to the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from our power plants and complete new pollution standards for both new and existing power plants,” he said.

Obama said the new regulations will cause companies to innovate, creating new industries and jobs. But some Republicans accuse the administration of “systematically trying to eliminate some fossil fuels,” especially coal.

“He is personally responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs. He obviously does not have much interest in states like Kentucky, Tennessee, and Wyoming, where the coal industry is so vitally important and we are losing jobs dramatically.” Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., said in response to the president’s plans.

Other parts of the plan include streamlining approval for clean energy projects and fortifying the nation’s infrastructure to better weather powerful storms.

And while the president acknowledges oil must be part of the nation’s energy portfolio, he offered a grim outlook for the future of the Keystone Pipeline – the project that would carry crude oil from Canada to refineries along the Gulf. That project is currently under review by the State Department.

“The net effect of the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward,” he said.

The regulations announced by the president will be implemented through his agencies, leaving Congress out of the loop.




PrayForUS Families: Violent Storms Ravage Upper Midwest, Plains- Video

(CBN News) – Severe storms pummeled parts of the Plains and upper Midwest states Monday.

In Illinois, high winds and torrential rain triggered mudslides, downed trees, and blew over vehicles on highways.      Heavy rains also flooded parts of southwestern Indiana and Wisconsin.  In New Hampshire, a major storm caused dangerous lightning. Twenty-three Boy Scouts and three adult counselors suffered burns after lightning struck a camp in Belmont.      The Scouts and their leaders were huddled under a shelter at the time and officials said no one was hit directly.

“It could have hit the tent. It could have hit the ground and travelled through the tent, could have been anchored with a rope onto a tree. There’s so many ways when you get lightning strikes that things can travel,” Belmont Fire Chief David Parenti said.



Forecasters said more severe weather is expected across the same region Tuesday.


PrayForBetterMedia: Santorum Takes Helm of Christian Film Co.- VIDEO

(CBN News) – Former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is now CEO of EchoLight studios, a Dallas based Christian film production company.

EchoLight produces films with very small budgets topping at a mere $3 million, making them small players by Hollywood standards.

But Santorum said he believes EchoLight has the opportunity to transform the culture through entertainment.

He said hopes he’ll be able to not only shape cultural messages with “inspirational and uplifting” stories, but also meet the demand for high-quality Christians films.


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