Build The Wall! Arizona Rancher Films Illegal Invaders In Military Garb Streaming Across US Border In 25 Minute Video

(Gateway Pundit) – Arizona rancher John Chilton, 79, recently captured video of illegal invaders streaming across the US border with Mexico in Arizona in a 25 minute long video.

The illegals are dressed in military garb and continue in a stream across the US border.

This looks like a military invasion.

The Daily Mail reported:

An Arizona rancher has set up surveillance cameras on his property to film the number of immigrants, drug mules and human smugglers who he claims regularly use his property as a gateway to the United States.

John Chilton, 79, managed to capture hours of footage of illegal immigrants crossing over the US-Mexico border onto his 50,000-acre property in Arivaca.

In a 25-minute video obtained by the Daily Caller, Chilton’s cameras show a steady stream of people, including some dressed in camouflage and brandishing guns, trespassing on his ranch.