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What If America Assassinated Kim Jong-un?

Daniel R. DePetris April 10, 2017 A question that is just as important is whether assassinating Kim or the generals in charge of North Korea’s nuclear program, ballistic missile program, military or intelligence services would be a good policy. We tend to believe that if […]

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BREAKING: Media Caught In Major Puerto Rico Lie, Trump Was Right

(Christian News Alerts) – The mainstream media’s coverage of President Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has generally been negative, with accusations that the President has provided inadequate relief. Along with these charges, many pundits criticized President Trump’s visit to the island, particularly […]

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War With North Korea Might Be Bloodier Than Expected

As the U.S. military considers plans for a possible war with North Korea, Pentagon officials and their congressional overseers are facing a stark battlefield reality: If combat broke out between the two countries, American commanders in the Pacific would very quickly exhaust their stockpiles of […]

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