Flashback Video: London Bridge Terrorist Told BBC “I Ain’t No Terrorist” In 2008 Before Conviction For Plotting To Blow Up Stock Exchange And London Bridge Attack


(Gateway Pundit) – Islamic terrorist Usman Khan told the BBC in 2008, “I ain’t no terrorist.”

That was four years before his conviction for plotting to blow up the stock exchange and 11 years before his stabbing rampage on the London Bridge where he killed two innocents.

Usman Khan killed two people on London Bridge on Friday.

The Metropolitan Police said at a press briefing Friday that the knifeman on London Bridge shot dead by police was wearing a hoax suicide vest.

The incident is now being treated as a terror attack.

Outraged citizens jumped the knifeman, subduing and disarming him as police arrived on the scene. Police cleared the citizens before shooting the knifeman. Two shots can be heard in videos of the incident.

One of the heroes used a narwhal tusk. Another hero used a fire extinguisher.

The killer, Usman Khan, was a previously convicted Islamic terrorist who was a guest lecturer at Cambridge University on “prisoner rehabilitation.”

And the Islamic killer was wearing an electronic monitoring tag as part of his bail terms, the Times and Sky News reported independently, citing government sources.

24 hours later ISIS claimed responsibility for the London attack.

The leaderless terror group released a message through their Al-Amaq news agency.