Charlie Daniels V. Anthem Haters… 2 Go in, 1 Comes Out

(Conservative Tribune) – Country music legend Charlie Daniels is the latest celebrity to give his opinion on the national anthem protest controversy, and he’s calling for NFL players to respect the flag.

According to The Daily Caller, Daniels is a season ticket holder for the Tennessee Titans. The Titans were one of the many teams who, on Sept. 24, decided to protest. The team stayed in the locker room as the national anthem was played.

In an interview on the radio show Big D & Bubba, Daniels said that NFL players have no reason to protest while the national anthem is played on a football field.

“You take a bunch of guys who make…a million dollars a year that can’t find something good about this country to celebrate when they’re playing the National Anthem? I don’t understand it,” Daniels said.

“People say they have a right to do it, I know they have a right to do it. They also got a right to do a lot of things they never would dream of doing,” he continued.

In a blog post on his website, Daniels further slammed the NFL for making decisions based on money, not what’s right.

“NFL owners are also in it for the money, and if enough season ticket buyers drop their ticket subscriptions and corporate entities begin to give up their expensive luxury boxes, if TV revenue shrinks and the grandstands are only half full on Sunday, the owners will no longer afford to pay the exorbitant salaries a fiscal domino theory goes into effect, the bloom could fall of the professional football rose in a hurry,” he scoffed.

Perhaps the best part of all is where Daniels simply explained why every American should stand during the national anthem.

“My feelings are that to respect the flag and the anthem does not mean you respect or condone every slight or injustice that takes place in the nation they represent, but, and especially in such a public venue, you are showing that you do respect the freedoms we enjoy as a people and the ones who have given and even currently risking their lives to ensure that we stay a free and sovereign nation,” he said.

There are plenty of places to show signs of protest and use your First Amendment rights. To protest and kneel in public on a football field while the anthem is being played is not one of those times.

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