Democratic Socialist Threatens Mass Shooting At Trump Hotel

(Gateway Pundit) – Police have responded to the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC after an anonymous threat to shoot up a meeting there supporting President Donald Trump.

The threat was made ahead of the planned Tuesday evening event by an anonymous Twitter account that supports the Democratic Socialists, a far-left political group.

‘I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies,’ the account wrote, referencing the Trump campaign slogan ‘Make American Great Again’.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the threat, department spokesman Hugh Carew told, adding that no further details were immediately available.

On Tuesday evening, MPD vehicles were spotted outside of the hotel.

A hotel manager confirmed that staff were aware of the threat and taking appropriate security measures.

The FBI did not immediately respond to requests for comment from

The threat was made by an account that has since been deleted, in response to a tweet by conservative writer Cassandra Fairbanks asking who planned to attend the ‘MAGA meetup’.

Fairbanks described the monthly meeting as ‘a mix of several different pro-Trump groups including Virginia Women for Trump’ in a post on the Gateway Pundit.

The pro-Trump event was scheduled to begin at 6.30pm. Fairbanks and other conservative figures said that they still planned to attend.