Former Miss USA Contestant Defends Kavanaugh For “Impeccable Career,” Says She’d “Be Angry Too”

( – This week, we finally saw the light in the end of the tunnel of the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation scandal as the FBI delivered their final conclusions to Congress following a limited investigation at the demands of Senate Democrats.

Democrats, who have proven themselves impossible to satisfy when it comes to Kavanaugh, at least, impossible to satisfy with anything less than his nomination being withdrawn, have both discredited the findings of the investigation and attempted to move the goalposts yet again.

This time, they’re now claiming that the very man whose character they have drug through the mud and then some is unfit to serve because of the way he reacted to the allegations they allowed to be brought forward and forced him to defend himself against.

They’ve also, laughably, attempted to paint him as a struggling alcoholic because he admitted to enjoying beer.

Former Miss Ohio 2014 and conservative political strategist Madison Gesiotto joined Fox and Friends Wednesday morning as the results of the FBI investigation were still pending to discuss this petty attack on Kavanaugh’s character.

Referring to the Democrats’ shift from the allegations made against him to the way he behaved when defending his good name, Gesiotto said “I think it’s ridiculous.”

“Anybody who’s been, as he claims, falsely accused of something like that would be frustrated, they would be angry,” she continued.

“I mean, he’s had an impeccable career, he’s worked extremely hard to reach the level that he has in the judicial world, and I think I would be angry if I was him as well,” she added.

Having been in the world of peagants, Gesiotto is likely no stranger to seeing young women targeted, harrassed, and possibly even abused by predatory men. Still, she maintains that based on the evidence and Kavanaugh’s undeniably clean record, it’s hard to believe the accusations made against him.

She is also, to her credit, able to put herself in his shoes and recognize how anyone would react when hit with such outlandish and unreliable claims. She also has the very good sense to realize just what a dangerous standard it is to “believe all women” when evidence indicates they might not be trustworthy.

Gesiotto also touched on the very slippery slope both Democrats and Republicans would head down were they to allow this calculated character assassination to be successful by preventing Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

“From the very beginning we’ve seen Democrats delay and obstruct on this, but what it comes down to is not only Democrats are gonna lose votes in November, but Republicans will lose votes in November, if they don’t confirm Kavanaugh this week,” she explained.

“Once that FBI report comes out today, and if there’s no additional corroborating evidence — which I don’t anticipate there will be, as many of these witnesses have already submitted statements under penalty of perjury, like (Kavanaugh friend) Mark Judge — then if they don’t confirm him at that point, I can tell you that Republicans across this country are going to be enraged,” she added.

If we ought to believe all women, we ought to hear all women out, and Gesiotto, like many young American women, don’t automatically presume a man’s guilt simply because he’s been accused, particularly when the accusations seem to be designed exclusively for one party’s perceived political advantage.

The final decision has not yet been made on whether or not Kavanaugh will be confirmed, but one thing is clear: if there is any sense of justice and fairness left in the Senate, they will vote to do so.