Miss America Contestant Crashes And Burns With Blatant, Trump-Bashing Answer

(Conservative Tribune) – So the first swimsuit-less Miss America pageant is definitely underway, and the inherent promise that we were going to be seeing a battle of intellectual and rhetorical heavyweights hasn’t quite panned out.

In fairness, as Fox News points out, the interview questions were limited to 20 seconds, which is virtually nothing. This is what’s replaced the swimsuit section, which is supposed to be an improvement. I give up.

Anyhow, the big headlines from the interview portion went to Miss West Virginia, who thought that the biggest issue facing the nation was not, say, North Korean denuclearization or entitlements or terrorism, but instead the president.

“Donald Trump is the biggest issue our country faces. Unfortunately he has caused a lot of division in our country,” Madeline Collins told the pageant during her time onstage in Atlantic City.

Collins didn’t win the interview portion — which, to be fair, went to Miss Massachusetts Gabriela Taveras for a not-exactly-world-beating response on how Americans should act abroad.

Taveras, according to Fox, said it’s important to let citizens of other countries know that “we as Americans are supporting them and that we are there to help them.” Okay.

Needless to say, though, Miss West Virginia got a lot of liberal praise on Twitter.

Of course, it should probably seem a bit curious that the same people are also praising Democrats who are sowing this exact division.

And Collins’ comment got plenty of backlash, too.

As it so happened, Miss West Virginia’s remarks came on the same day that Barack Obama gave his big speech at the University of Illinois in which he claimed that Republicans were stoking “divisions” in America.

Marco Rubio had a little history lesson for the president:

Barack Obama spent eight years dividing the country.

Democrats have been dividing it continuously since the Iraq War. That’s about 15 years of hyperpartisanship, brought to you exclusively by the party that Donald Trump isn’t a part of.

All of a sudden, Trump is elected and division is a major problem?

Collins, to be fair, was given only 20 seconds, but she couldn’t really bring up facts or reflect on our recent history.

This was just her opinion, and she’s certainly entitled to it. Maybe she should have looked at the real root of division before she took the stage, instead.