Trump Scores Huge Victory For Minorities The Establishment Media Doesn’t Want To Report

(Conservative Tribune) – Friday brought yet more solid economic news for President Donald Trump, this time when it came to minority unemployment.

According to the Washington Examiner, Hispanic unemployment hit another record low in July, dropping to 4.5 percent from 4.6 percent in June. That’s yet again the lowest number since statistics began to be kept on Hispanic unemployment back in 1973.

That was against an overall rate that was slightly higher than it was in June, with 3.9 percent unemployed as opposed to 3.8 percent, according to Independent Journal Review.

And that’s not all. The growing economy has also lifted up other workers typically at the margins of society. For instance, unemployment for workers without a high school diploma also hit a record low in July.

“As economists, we worried these workers would be shut out forever,” Betsey Stevenson, professor of economics at the University of Michigan, told The New York Times.

“But the long duration of the recovery has pulled them back in. As the economy adds more jobs, employers have had to dig a little deeper.”

“You definitely get the sense that employers are willing to look at workers they haven’t looked at in the past,” Martha Gimbel, director of economic research at, added, saying her site had seen more searches for jobs that didn’t require a high school degree.

“This is an indicator that low-skilled workers are seeing opportunities for themselves in the labor market,” she said.

When the president took over from Barack Obama, Hispanic unemployment was at 5.9 percent against a low of 5.4 percent during his entire presidency. However, that number had been trending downward since 2011.

It wasn’t long before the White House issued a tweet praising job growth in general, given the 157,000 new jobs the economy created in June.

The president also retweeted a Drudge headline about the news:

And, of course, you can imagine the tears hitting the laptops in newsrooms across the country every time a job report that isn’t bad. This is the kind of news they loathe reporting. Which is why the president has to toot his own horn on this:

Not that he minds, of course. But in a country where good news seems to get lost in the wash as so-called scandals take up all the air in the newsroom, it’s helpful to remember that Donald Trump has done so much winning in 19 months that the media is tired of winning. In fairness, it didn’t take long.