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America Is Tarnished: The “land of the free and the home of the brave” was forcibly mutated into the “land of the government dependent and home of the fearful”. Our standing on the world stage reduced to a laughing stock, an empty shell of a once great nation now a cowering shadow of distant memories. Statues of our heroes desecrated, our beloved flag burned, and our male population eviscerated and women denigrated into masculine role models. Political correctness replaced robust debate and national honor turned into political poison, all those who dare pledge allegiance to the flag ridiculed, branded as hatemongers, racists and Neanderthals…….. but we are fighting back!

America Deserves Better: Our beloved nation has sacrificed our finest in foreign wars to protect the rights of others, feed countless millions, shared our blessing with the unblessed, given hope to hopeless people. All the while taking a backseat and staying silent to those who wallow in anti-America filth….we shall be silent no more!


American Values: Our values are built upon the Judeo-Christian faith embedded in biblical principles time tested and God given. Our values made us great, will restore us to greatness and will keep us great. Our America value built and fortified our abundant nation and is the model for families and communities a beacon of light and a blazing path to follow for our nation, community and person lives.



Patriots For America: Welcomes all colors, shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds having one common goal: “To make America great again and to keep it great”.

  • A true patriot holds true to those values that made us great and keep us great.
  • An individual who will defend our nation from enemies from without or from within.
  • A person of character and valor embracing Judeo-Christian values upholding and protecting our beloved Constitution, Bill of Rights and those other great documents on which our nation was founded.

If you are that person, then stand tall and join Patriots For America