Lying Adam Schiff Wants To Control AI-Based Video Analytics Technology After It Was Used To Connect Him To A Ukrainian Arms Dealer


(Gateway Pundit) – Lying Adam Schiff doesn’t care about the US Constitution. He proved it by providing the garbage impeachment indictment to the US Senate. Now he wants to control AI and facial recognition technology after we caught his connections with a Ukrainian arms dealer by using this technology.

This past week Lying Adam Schiff, the US Representative from California who is running the garbage impeachment sham from the House tweeted that he now wants to control facial recognition technology:

What Adam Schiff is proposing is Federal licensing for the use of AI based video analytics-which means that only him and his Democrat cronies will decide if/when AI will can used for investigative purposes. The cover story is privacy concerns, but the real motive is to suppress the technology’s ability to level the battle field against the censorship of the likes of Google and Facebook.

The Gateway Pundit leveraged this technology to identify and reconstruct various political networks and corrupt actors with unmatched speed and accuracy. Some of these projects included:

– debunking the Steele Dossier,

– identifying the African networks behind financial scams in the US,

– confirming Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother,

– uncovering Rashida Tlaib’s financial corruption and relationship with Islamic fundamentalists,

– uncovering the coordination between Korey Booker, Kamala Harris, and Jussie Smollett on his fake assault, and,

– exposing Schiff’s hidden financial relationship with a Ukrainian arms dealer.

We wonder if Schiff’s tweet has something to do with the last story on the list which we reported on September 29th ==>>

EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Rep. Adam Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer!

We reported that Schiff is connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer and asked if this was why he’s willing to lie in front of the nation when accusing President Trump of crimes?

Adam Schiff is arguably the biggest liar in Congress…. ever. He currently leads the House Intelligence Committee where he attempted to align President Trump with some ‘trumped’ up allegations concerning his phone call with the President of the Ukraine. Schiff lied in his opening remarks and claimed numerous falsehoods about the President’s call in spite of the transcript being provided the day before.

His entire description of the President’s call was a lie – we have the transcript and this was not in it!

President Trump rightly called for Schiff’s removal from the Intelligence Committee after this dishonest performance –

We identified why Schiff was lying – he’s connected with a Ukrainian Arms Dealer!

In 2013 Ukrainian Igor Pasternak held two different fund raisers for Schiff asking for contributions between $1,000 and $2,500 –

Pasternack has also been connected to George Soros –

Pasternak was reportedly in and around the Ukraine at the same time that Vice President Joe Biden had his son appointed to the Board of the Ukraine’s largest oil and gas producer –

Pasternak, who was raised and educated in Ukraine before immigrating to the United States, is a passionate promoter of Ukrainian culture and business. He has been active in both Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. to support increased bilateral ties between the two countries and has been especially active building awareness of Ukraine’s strategic economic importance among Members of Congress. Since political protests broke out across Ukraine in late 2013, Pasternak has worked to personally inform and educate Members of Congress about the geostrategic importance of Ukraine to European and US security.

In late February 2014, during the final hours of the Yanukovych Presidency, Pasternak travelled to Kyiv for diplomatic reasons in response to the outbreak of violence that had started less than 48 hours earlier, and to support peaceful transitions amid the rapid changes now taking place across Ukraine.

Pasternak is an arms dealer. He has sold arms in places like Syria –

Schiff was reportedly scheduled to be in the Ukraine in August with the Atlantic Counsel but it appeared that his staffer made the trip instead.

The information used in our factual reporting was obtained in part using AI facial recognition technology. Now Shifty Schiff wants to control it. For the sake of freedom, this cannot happen.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum