American Muslim Stole AK-47’s, Scouted Out Sniper’s Nest For Lone Wolf ISIS Attack In Florida

( – Well, apparently the FBI in Florida isn’t completely useless–they did manage to recently apprehend a would-be ISIS terrorist and felony firearm offender.

According to WFTV 9 in Ocala, Florida, a man the FBI had been monitoring for two years, Jonathan Beese, was scouting out sniper’s nest for a lone-wolf style attack and was inspired by ISIS and planning to travel to the Sudan.

Here is the report:

Officials said Beese sought to acquire guns, and when he couldn’t afford them, he stole them.

Investigators said Beese researched terrorist attacks and went to the top of the Ocala National Bank building to scout it out as a possible sniper’s nest.

Court documents said that while Beese was there, he took pictures and sent a Facebook message to his girlfriend.

“I found a good spot up here for a sniper’s nest,” Beese said in the message, according to documents. “Could lock everything from the Square to 14th and another few blocks down.”

Beese was arrested in 2017 after investigators said he and his girlfriend, Kristen Sparks, broke into the trunk of her father’s car and stole guns, including an AK-47.

When Beese’s mother discovered Islam-related items here in their 45th Avenue home, she reported it to deputies.

Investigators said she discovered a copy of the Quran, prayer beads and a Muslim robe.

Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, had also allegedly expressed interest in ISIS on his social media accounts before they were shut down.

The fact that a lily-white, violent Florida boy was drawn to ISIS and lone-wolf terrorism should stand as no small warning, in a world full of Nikolas Cruzes and Justin Beeses. As incredibly poorly-informed and gullible young American women happily eat up racist Islamists Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory’s brand of Sharia-inspired leftist feminism, is it any wonder that easily impressionable angry young men will be inspired by ISIS for the same idiotic reasons?

The reality is that our culture has grown so rabidly anti-American, young people increasingly see America as the enemy of liberty when it is, in reality, the only real arbiter of true liberty on this godforsaken planet.

One wonders, of course, why the FBI could successfully monitor and detain Beese while ignoring the blatant signs that Nikolas Cruz was planning an attack as well, but perhaps that can be chalked up to white privilege?