Showtime And The NYT Team Up To Smear Trump With Coordinated Exposes On Tax Fraud Narrative

( – Has Hollywood slowly turned into an arm of the left-wing media…or is the left-wing media turning into the entertainment industry?

It’s hard to tell these days, but one thing is clear: they’re both absolutely dead-set on destroying Trump by any means necessary.

Which, since they’re in media, means they will pump out all the anti-Trump propaganda they possibly can. And if they can team up to do so, well, that’s all the better.

Showtime has announced they’ve teamed up with the NYT

“Showtime announced Tuesday evening it will air a new documentary film centered on a bombshell New York Times report alleging President Trump accrued millions of dollars from ‘dubious’ tax schemes,” The Hill reports.

This is obviously a partnership. There’s no way Showtime just happened to become interested in the NYT story, producers and journalists would have had to work together on this clear coordinated effort to give the President a whole new wave of bad press.

“The film follows a team of New York Times investigative reporters through their diligent and intense efforts in uncovering the information that led to this exclusive report,” Showtime describes of the documentary.

Lord knows why Showtime decided to go with this story, when certainly a documentary on Clinton pay-for-play scandals or Al Sharpton’s tax fraud would have been just as, if not significantly more, steamy.

The film, “The Family Business: Trump and Taxes,” will be releasd Sunday, while the New York Times story that inspired it was published just this last Tuesday.

In the article, the writers admit to using “confidential tax returns and financial records” to weave a tale of tax dodging on the part of President Trump and his father, Fred Trump, a practice which never seems to carry quite so much weight when done by anyone on the left, somehow.

Given that much of this information on the Trumps is not publically avaialble, the question arises as to whether or not the Times’ writers aquisition of these records was even legal.

“The New York Times’s allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100 percent false, and highly defamatory,” wrote Trump attorney Charles J. Harder in response to the article.

“There was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone. The facts upon which The Times bases its false allegations are extremely inaccurate,” he continued.

The Times even admitted that the IRS had no issues with how the Trump family was filing, after all.

At any rate, what is supposed to be an explosive expose doesn’t seem to reveal much more than that the Trump family was and is vastly wealthy, and doesn’t like paying taxes much more than any other billionare.

Not much grounds for impeachment there, which is clearly what they’re going for.

A bigger story might be that the lines between the entertainment and journalistic media seem to have blurred.