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Prayer Power: Man Headed to the Morgue Comes Back to Life - VIDEO

(CBN News) – A 37-year-old Kettering, Ohio, man appears to have come back to life after being dead for a full 45 minutes.

The man and his family say the stunning turn of events is a bonafide miracle all of whom have a strong Christian faith.

It began the morning of Aug. 5, when Melissa Yahle woke up and noticed her 37-year-old husband Tony was having difficulty breathing in the bed next to her. She tried to wake him up, but he appeared unconscious.

Melissa dialed 9-1-1 and Tony was rushed to Kettering Medical Center where doctors tried all day to revive him.

Doctor Raja Nazir, Tony’s cardiologist, recounted the moments he and his colleagues accepted defeat.

“There was no spontaneous blood pressure or pulse. With very heavy hearts we had to stop and we pronounced him actually dead.”

Forty-five minutes later, as nurses were preparing to take Tony’s body to the morgue, Tony’s son Lawrence, who was still by his father’s side shouted, “Dad you’re not going to die today!”

Then, inexplicably, on the only heart monitor still attached to Tony, came a heartbeat. Naturally, the family was overjoyed.

“The greatest thing in the world was when we were told after he was gone, pronounced dead, was that he had a heart beat,” Tony’s daughter Kierstan said.

Tony has no memory of what happened, but after being told of the events of that day, he concludes God’s will prevailed.

“Nobody has any explanation except I had a lot of people praying for me,” he said. “And God moved that day. Even the doctor’s are agreeing it’s a miracle.”



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