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PrayForUS Families: Violent Storms Ravage Upper Midwest, Plains- Video

(CBN News) – Severe storms pummeled parts of the Plains and upper Midwest states Monday.

In Illinois, high winds and torrential rain triggered mudslides, downed trees, and blew over vehicles on highways.      Heavy rains also flooded parts of southwestern Indiana and Wisconsin.  In New Hampshire, a major storm caused dangerous lightning. Twenty-three Boy Scouts and three adult counselors suffered burns after lightning struck a camp in Belmont.      The Scouts and their leaders were huddled under a shelter at the time and officials said no one was hit directly.

“It could have hit the tent. It could have hit the ground and travelled through the tent, could have been anchored with a rope onto a tree. There’s so many ways when you get lightning strikes that things can travel,” Belmont Fire Chief David Parenti said.



Forecasters said more severe weather is expected across the same region Tuesday.


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