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PrayForUS Security: Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama White House? - Video

(CBN News) –  After being with me through years of reporting and two books about the bad guys (including my latest, The Brotherhood), there are few stories that shock my wife at this point.

But as we watched my latest report together today, she shook her head in disbelief at just how thoroughly the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration. Yes, it is even worse than you think.

My latest report details how two Muslim Brotherhood supporters with radical ties have obtained influential advisory positions in the Obama administration. The two men, Mohammed Elibiary and Mohammed Magid, are both U.S. citizens and have helped craft the Obama administration’s counterterrorism strategy.

That strategy includes embracing the Muslim Brotherhood: the first modern Islamic terrorist organization.

The fox is guarding the henhouse, folks.  by Erick Stakelbeck – CBN News Terrorism Analyst

Click play below to watch.


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