Pure Evil: Pelosi And Democrats Send Out Letters-Subpoenas To Trump Admin – In Hopes To Then “Create” A Charge Of “Obstruction Of Congress”


(Gateway Pundit) – It’s clear – Democrats hate Trump more than they love their country.

These people are plain evil.

Democrats want to impeach President Trump based on a total scam!

They’re trusting the liberal mainstream media to cover for them. This is the definition of a coup.

Democrats are trying to remove a president while lying to the American people the entire time.

Former Assistant US Attorney Andrew McCarthy explained earlier this week that Democrat lawmakers were sending out letters and not subpoenas to Trump administration officials.

According to McCarthy, subpoenas are legal actions to be complied with, except for certain privileges. Letters are just a committee threats.

Democrats are playing hard and fast with the rules — and the liberal media is carrying their water.

Now this…

Democrats know they have no crime to throw at President Trump. This latest impeachment scandal is a complete stunt.

Every single witness so far has disputed the claims of their partisan Democratic CIA operative who filed his complaint based on second-hand hearsay.

Democrats know the don’t have a case and refuse to hold a vote.

That way they protect their members in Trump districts and they prevent Republicans from sending out their own subpoenas which would end this show trial in a matter of hours.

So Democrats are working to create an actual crime to pin on Donald Trump.

Pelosi and Democrats are going to compose a crime. That is how much they hate their country.

Pelosi and Democrats are going to wait until the Trump White House refuses one of their junk subpoenas or letters and then they will charge the president with “obstruction of congress.”

They are waiting to vote until they have their crime.

Via Chad Pergram:

And, of course, the liberal media and Never-Trump Republicans will say nothing about this dishonest and cruel tactic to undo the 2016 election.

Pelosi is pure evil.