Censorship: Twitter Blocks Trump’s 2020 Slogan As “Sensitive Material”

(Conservative Tribune) – “Keep America Great!” That’s the 2020 campaign slogan Donald Trump unveiled during a rally in Pennsylvania this weekend.

It’s catchy. It conveys the message Trump wants to get across to voters — namely, that he’s turning the country around, both culturally and economically. It’s pithy. It beats “Make America Great Again, Again.” It fits well on a hat.

And, according to the folks at Twitter, it’s “sensitive material” and you shouldn’t be seeing it.

In yet another case of the most censorious social media platform in all of the Democratic People’s Republic of Silicon Valley deciding they’re the only ones who decide what political speech you can see, multiple reports on the social media site claim the slogan was blocked as “sensitive material” when conservative media icon Matt Drudge tried to tweet it out.

Here was the photographic (well, screenshotographic) evidence from Breitbart Deputy Political editor Amanda Lee House.

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Amanda House


.@Twitter censors @realDonaldTrump’s 2020 campaign slogan as “sensitive material” 👀 @DRUDGE_REPORT @dcexaminer

And, other images seemed to indicated that this wasn’t just limited to a single tweet.

In fact, as Breitbart pointed out, this was part of a larger pattern involving censoring any tweets that linked back to Drudge or his website.

“Breitbart News recently reported on Twitter filtering tweets from President Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr. The filter appears to be triggered whenever anyone (including the President of the United States) retweets the Drudge Report,” Breitbart noted.

“Users navigating to the official account of the Drudge Report, will find that all tweets from the account that contain URLs are hidden behind the same “sensitive content” warning message. When the President — or anyone else –retweets the account, their tweets are hidden too.”

Now, keep in mind that this only happens when you have your sensitive filter on. However, there are plenty of institutions — schools and libraries come to mind — that have sensitive filters on their browsers.

And, rest assured, these filters aren’t exactly going after ThinkProgress.

It’s become increasingly clear that conservatives need to fight a battle against social media, which has so clearly allied themselves against a) free speech and b) conservatism. In the battle for the hearts and minds of America, it’s imperative that we make sure our voices are heard by these behemoths.

If not, our ideas will be socially engineered out of existence — no matter whether they work or not.

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What are your thoughts on Trump’s new slogan?