Ex-Muslim Woman Has Stunning Warning About Michigan Governor Hopeful Abdul El-Sayed: “He’s Practicing Taqiyya”

(TeaParty.org) – Michigan voters may be soon voting themselves into the oppressive practice of Sharia law.

Abdul El-Sayed, the Democratic socialist who is running for Governor of the state of Michigan, may have much bigger plans for his time in office than he’s letting on.

El-Sayed, who is a Sharia-compliant Muslim, is running on a campaign that sounds great for non-Muslim progressives, Linda Loomer explains over at Big League Politics:

El-Sayed is not only a Sharia compliant Muslim, but he is a Democrat socialist running on a Marxist political platform as a self-proclaimed “justice Democrat”. Some of the campaign talking points El –Sayed is campaigning on include socialized healthcare, legalization of Marijuana, free college tuition, abortion, opposition to fossil fuels, pro-illegal immigration, and anti-Israel foreign policy. If elected Governor, El-Sayed has vowed to abolish ICE and make Michigan a Sanctuary state where illegal immigrants are protected from deportation and immune to the actions of law enforcement agencies.

Sounds pretty secular, right?

Well, as one ex-Muslim explains, that’s the point.

“The things that are told in front of non Muslims are not the same things that are shared inside the mosque,” says Farrah Prudence, a woman who was raised Muslim but converted to Christianity after fleeing her abusive Muslim father, who now has a “fatwa” or death warrant out for her, forcing her to live under protection.

Prudence affirms that El-Sayed is clearly practicing Taqiyya, the Muslim principle that one can lie in order to seize any kind of victory for Muslim evangelism…or domination.

“Sayed, who is running on the Democrat ticket as a “Justice Democrat”, refused to answer questions about his personal practice of Sharia and how Islamic law contradicts key platform stances in the Democrat Party when he was confronted at a campaign event in Michigan last week,” Loomer explains.

“El-Sayed practices Sharia law in his personal life, and has stated that his head touches the floor 34 times a day during his Islamic prayers. His true colors as a Muslim were revealed in May of 2018 while he was speaking to the Michigan Press Association at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing, Michigan. While speaking, El-Sayed yelled at Senator Patrick Colbeck and said, ‘You may not hate Muslims, but ALL Muslims hate you’.”

El-Sayed has been adamantly supported by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the democratic socialist who has become an overnight star of the far-left.

Michigan voters will have the choice to decide whether or not they want to be governed by a practicing Sharia compliant Muslim, or a principled American constitutionalist when they flock to the polls to vote in their primary on August 7th.