Violent Leftist Snatches MAGA Hat From Fellow Student Then Slaps Teacher – Is Now Facing Battery Charges (Video)

(Conservative Tribune) – It is a consistent narrative from the political left that it’s the folks on the right who are intolerant of other people’s beliefs — yet we have seen countless examples over the past few years of actual intolerance being displayed by those on the left toward those who hold different beliefs on the right.

The latest example of liberal intolerance comes out of El Dorado County, California, after a high school student was arrested following a scene she created when she stole a fellow student’s “Make America Great Again” hat and then slapped her teacher when he attempted to break up the altercation between students.

According to KOVR TV, 17-year-old senior student Jo-Ann Butler was arrested by El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies and faces two counts of battery — one count for stealing her fellow student’s MAGA hat and a second count for allegedly slapping her teacher as he escorted her out of the classroom following the incident.

It has yet to be decided by county prosecutors if they will formally charge Butler. In the meantime, Butler has been suspended from Union Mine High School for one week by the school district.

The incident was partially captured on cell phone video by another student in the classroom, and an enraged Butler could be seen standing over and showering with curse words the seated victim of her political fury while the teacher attempted to intervene and lead her out of the classroom.

A KOVR reporter later spoke with Butler about the incident and she seemed entirely unrepentant, if not proud, of what she had done.

“That’s a racist and hateful symbol,” she said of the hat she stole which featured President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

Butler further attempted to excuse her potentially criminal behavior as a mere expression of her political feelings. “Maybe just wake people up in some type of way, because it’s not cool the environment our classroom is in,” she said.

The girl’s father, Chris Butler, made it clear that while he supported his daughter, he nevertheless did not approve of her actions in the classroom that day.

“Wasn’t handled the way I’d like it,” the father stated. “I don’t agree with grabbing someone’s hat and verbally talking to them in that way.”

“But as far as the issue being brought up, maybe this is something that needs to be brought up,” he added, though it is unclear exactly what “issue” he was referring to, nor was it clear what sort of classroom “environment” was deemed “not cool” by the hat-snatching student.

If the father was referring to liberals mistakenly thinking their political sensibilities being offended gave them the right to lash out physically, then yes, that is an “issue” that needs to be brought up for a frank discussion.

Similarly, if politically motivated physical violence and theft are now allowed in classrooms, then we would agree that such an environment is “not cool” and people need to “wake up” to the realization that such activity is not permitted or condoned.

For what it is worth, the El Dorado Union High School District has a clothing policy that allows for students to wear items with political messaging or symbols, so the MAGA hat-wearing student had every right to wear his cap and an expectation that he and his hat would be left alone.

It is not a stretch to suggest that this hat-snatching student felt justified in violently expressing her offended political feelings in large part because of how the liberal media has all but glorified the violent actions of leftist groups like antifa or the Black Lives Matter movement, who have become known for committing political acts of violence against those they oppose.

Hopefully this student is held accountable for her actions and a message is sent to other students that stealing somebody else’s hat and slapping a teacher over political differences are “not cool” and are entirely unacceptable in a “classroom environment.”