Suspicions Grow That Vindman Is Source Of Leak Of US Military Aid Suspension Story To Politico – Same Article Used By Schiff To Push Trump-Ukraine Hoax


(Gateway Pundit) – Suspicions are growing on The Hill that Lt. Col Alexander Vindman was the source of leak of the suspension of US aid story published by far-left Politico in August.

Politico published the story about the US temporarily putting a hold on military aid to Ukraine on August 28 citing an anonymous ‘senior administration official’ — this was shortly after Eric Ciaramella filed a whistleblower complaint about Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — but before the public was aware of the whistleblower complaint.

According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, who revealed the identity of the whistleblower to be Eric Ciaramella in an explosive Real Clear Investigations exposé, Lt. Col Alexander Vindman is rumored to be the source of this leak to Politico which helped propel the Trump-Ukraine narrative into the public.

SPERRY: Suspicions grow on Hill that Vindman was the source of leak of suspension of US aid story to Politico whose national security beat is now controlled by Intelligence Community embed Natasha Bertrand, who has links to radical globalist organizations.

Recall, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff tweeted out the Politico article on August 28 as he primed the public for his next coup attempt, shifting from the Russian collusion canard to the Ukraine-bribery hoax.

Two weeks later, Adam Schiff would publicly announce there was a whistleblower complaint he was desperately trying to obtain from the Intel Community related to Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would then go on to unilaterally launch an impeachment inquiry into President Trump based on the notion that Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine unless Ukraine agreed to investigate the Biden crime family.

Ukraine received military aid from the US three weeks early and Zelensky did not launch an investigation into the Bidens in exchange for the aid — NO QUID PRO QUO, NO BRIBERY.

This was all a set up and Adam Schiff was in on the Ukraine hoax from DAY ONE — in fact, Trump has stated many times that he believes Adam Schiff wrote the whistleblower complaint.

Recall, Lt. Col. Vindman showed up to his impeachment testimony wearing his military dress.

Alexander Vindman, one of Schiff’s star witnesses and a left-wing hack, testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine.

So he later told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department.

Vindman, during his closed-door testimony also flatly denied he knew the identity of the whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella).

Vindman is scheduled to publicly testify Tuesday morning along side Jennifer Williams, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence.