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Video-Rev Jamal Bryant Praises Baltimore's ‘Mom of the Year’ Toya Graham







The pastor for Baltimore’s viral “Mom of the Year” is singing her praises for the famous video showing her smacking her teen son for rioting. 

“I wish all of the parents of Baltimore would take on her spirit and go pull your children out of the streets,” the proud Pastor Jamal Bryant told Inside Edition Wednesday night about Toya Graham, America’s favorite parent for the day

He said Graham ought to be “Mom of the Century

Once Graham became a national sensation for her stern smackdown, she told CBS News that she was worried what her pastor would think of her tough love

“I thought, ‘Oh my god. My pastor is going to have a fit,” the 42-year-old mom said Wednesday morning.

Turns out Pastor Bryant has nothing but admiration for Graham — and maybe a little fear, too.

“I hope I don’t do anything wrong in front of her,” Bryant said. “I don’t want her choking me out or pulling me out! She’s no holds barred. Those are the kinds of moms we used to have, that we need to have again.”

Graham also got kudos Wednesday from the White House, with press secretary Josh Earnest saying she showed “a powerful expression about the role that parents can play.”


Video Source: Inside Edition

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